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This needs to be the named insolvency practitioner or practitioners in the case of a joint appointment for the insolvency procedure. This will not necessarily be the member of staff who you have been dealing with.

You can find the name of all insolvency practitioners, including the name of their authorising body here and their contact details at

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In order for a disciplinary investigation to be taken forward by an authorising body, there must be a clear indication of wrongdoing by an insolvency practitioner (or those working under the direction of an IP).

In most cases, the authorising body will only be able to uphold your complaint if you are able to provide evidence which supports the allegations you have made against the insolvency practitioner.

It will speed up the assessment and investigation processes if you could please list below and attach all evidence (for example letters, documents and correspondence with the insolvency practitioner or their staff) that you believe is available to support your complaint.

Please indicate whether the evidence detailed below is in your possession and provide copies where possible when submitting this form.

If you would like to attach any electronic documents in support of this form please use the browse buttons below.

Each file must be one of the following doc, docx, xls, xlsx, txt, pdf and the size of each file must not exceed 3MB in size.

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Alternatively if you'd like to post this form, please print and post together with any supporting evidence to:-
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