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You can make a complaint if you have reasonable grounds to suspect a company that is currently active of:
  • Causing significant harm to customers, suppliers, etc.
  • Breaking the law, e.g. fraud
  • Serious misconduct, e.g. company assets have not been used properly
  • Having a significant irregularity in its affairs
Before you complete this form please read Company Investigations: what we do.

If your complaint is about an active company or business using the name (or similar) of a company that is in liquidation, please complete this form.

The company's details - (as far as they are known to you)

(If you wish to complain about more than one company (provided they are connected to each other) please provide the same details about the other company (or companies) in the box at Part 3 below entitled 'Your Complaint')

Company name
Company registered number

Companies House Register
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Who have you dealt with in the company:
If there are other individuals connected to the company with whom you have dealt please give their names and role they play within the company

Your complaint

What is your complaint against the company
Please type in the box below brief details of your complaint. If we require any further details in order to assess your complaint we will contact you.

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If you are complaining on behalf of an organisation, such as a Local Authority Trading Standards Department, or a company, please give the name of your organisation or company in the box below:
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