Case details for Deniz TURAN

Name: Deniz TURAN


Date of Birth: 23 / 6 / 1979

Date Order Starts: 24 / 11 / 2021

Disqualification Length: 6 Years 0 Month(s)

CRO Number: 10894307

Last Known Address: 20B Wynell Road,, , , , Forest Hill, SE23 2LN

Conduct: Deniz Turan (“Ms Turan”) failed to ensure that Sevenseas Hospitality Solutions Limited complied with its obligations as regards the utilisation of a Government backed bounce back loan (“BBL”) that it obtained on 10 May 2020, in that: • prior to 10 May 2020, she applied to a bank for a BBL of £50,000 having met the requisite guidelines; • on 10 May 2020 the BBL in the sum of £50,000 was paid into the Company’s bank account. Prior to receipt of the loan the account balance stood at £67.00 in credit; • on 10 May 2020 she transferred the sum of £5,000 to her personal bank account with the bank narrative referred to ‘dividend’; • between 11 May and 15 May 2020 further ‘dividends’ totalling £27,000 were paid to her personal bank account plus a further transfer of £1,000 on 25 May 2020 after which the account balance stood at £18.70 in credit; No other funds were paid into the Company’s bank account between 10 and 25 May 2020. • Although these and other payments to her were described as dividends in the bank statements, there is no evidence available to demonstrate that the dividends had been lawfully declared or were paid from distributable profits which, according to the unaudited financial statements as at 31 August 2019, were £6,526 and these also disclosed that she owed the Company £29,323 at that date. 

This information is correct as at 25 / 11 / 2021

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