Case details for Ashley Craig  Kelly

Name: Ashley Craig  Kelly


Date of Birth: 22 / 12 / 1988

Date Order Starts: 22 / 9 / 2021

Disqualification Length: 6 Years 0 Month(s)

CRO Number: 10801785

Last Known Address: 47 Riversleigh Way,, , Warton, , PRESTON,, PR4 1FD

Conduct: From 5 June 2017 (the date of incorporation) to the date of liquidation Ashley Kelly (“Kelly”) failed to ensure that Blue Hulk Associates Ltd (“Blue Hulk”) maintained or preserved adequate accounting records or in the alternative failed to deliver up such records to the liquidator, therefore it has not been possible for the liquidator to: • Establish when the company began or ceased trading • Verify the total deposits of £4,430,531.84 paid into the company bank account during the period 5 January 2018 to the date of liquidation was received for the benefit of the company; • Verify the amount of £4,430,486.54 debited from the company bank account during the period 5 January 2018 to the date of liquidation; and in particular £553,917 paid to Logistic and Supply, £448,450 paid to JS Stones Sales, £81,055 paid to Rhino Consulting, £73,481 paid to Staunch City, £45,724 paid to Charles Okotie and £40,215 paid to Invincible Logs were made in respect of legitimate business expenditure; • Quantify Blue Hulk’s true asset and liability position at the time that Blue Hulk entered liquidation on 2 October 2019 with an asset of a book debt valued at £15,762.85 and liabilities as regards creditors of £261,441.10. Mr Kelly failed to ensure Blue Hulk complied with its statutory obligations to make payments when due in respect of PAYE/NIC from 22 May 2018 until 5 April 2019 when Blue Hulk ceased trading, and caused Blue Hulk to trade to the detriment of HMRC in that: • Blue Hulk submitted a monthly PAYE/NIC return of £13,958.40 for April 2018 which was due to be paid by 22 May 2018. No payments were made in respect of this return and Blue Hulk was therefore in arrears for PAYE/NIC from 22 May 2018. • Blue Hulk submitted further monthly PAYE/NIC returns until April 2019 totalling £227,973.92. • During the period, £4,452,272.27 was credited to the company bank account and £4,192,699.28 was debited. • No payments were made to HMRC in relation to Blue Hulks PAYE/NIC liabilities. • In the period 22 May 2018 to 5 April 2019 Blue Hulks PAYE/NIC liability increased by £227,973.92 from £13,958.40 to £241,932.32 • HMRC have submitted a claim in the liquidation of £258.284.67, comprising of - PAYE/NIC Tax £241,932.32, PAYE Late Penalties £1,428.15, CIS Specified charges £600, CIS Penalties £1,500, Company tax of £200, VAT of £12,109.00 and a surcharge of £515.20 

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