Case details for Bernadin Dedic

Name: Bernadin Dedic


Date of Birth: 19 / 3 / 1978

Date Order Starts: 9 / 11 / 2021

Disqualification Length: 4 Years 0 Month(s)

CRO Number: 07957774

Last Known Address: 12 Orchid Gardens, , Staines Road, , HOUNSLOW, TW3 3JY

Conduct: Bernadin Dedic (“Mr Dedic”) failed to ensure that Benko Construction Limited (“Benko”) complied with its statutory obligations to HM Revenue and Customs to file returns and make payments when due and caused Benko to trade to the detriment of HM Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”) from at least 6 April 2018 to 10 October 2019, the date of liquidation, resulting in a liability to HMRC of at least £239,663 being PAYE/NIC/CIS of £183,124 and VAT of £56,539 in that:- • The outstanding PAYE/NIC/CIS liability is based on Returns submitted to HMRC in respect of tax years 2018/19 to 2019/20 totalling £67,218. • The PAYE/NIC liability also includes outstanding amounts of £115,906 for 2018/19, submitted to HMRC by way of an EYU (being a notification to HMRC that one or more figures provided for a previous tax year was wrong), in March 2019. • The only payment made to HMRC after 6 April 2018 in respect of PAYE/NIC was on 16 May 2018 for £4,812.50. • The VAT liability is based on a Return for the period ended 06/2018 of £8,644.66 (plus Surcharge of £864.46) together with Assessments/Surcharges for the periods from 09/2018 to 09/2019 totalling £49,030. Benko paid a total of £2,000 to HMRC in respect of these periods being £1,500 and £500 on 19 November 2018 and 17 December 2018 respectively • The company’s Statement of Affairs filed within the proceedings showed a liability to HMRC of £90,000 although HMRC have claimed £333,585.83 within the liquidation proceedings being VAT of £57,273.77; PAYE/NIC of £216,985.89; CIS of £43,411.01; Corporation Tax of £12,000 plus penalties and interest. • Between 1 May 2018 and 18 December 2019 (date of closure), £1,525,928 was paid into the company’s bank account whilst only £24,480 was paid to HMRC. Some £139,713 was paid to the director and £1,377,812 to third parties or trade and expense creditors. 

This information is correct as at 19 / 10 / 2021

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