Dealing with Hazardous Waste

November 1997

Dealing with hazardous waste (Amended July 2007)


82.22 Nature of hazardous waste

Some waste is so hazardous that there are further provisions for dealing with it in addition to those outlined in parts 1 and 2 of this chapter. Those substances which are hazardous waste are those listed in the Regulations, the list is extensive and thus has not been included as an Annex to this chapter.

If there is doubt as to the nature of the waste, the official receiver should consult the intended waste manager as to whether the waste is hazardous waste. A laboratory analysis of the waste may be necessary to sufficiently identify it to enable the required consignment note to be completed (see paragraph 82.23).

Notes: [s62 EPA 90 and Special Waste Regulations 1996, S.I. 1996/972]


82.23 Moving hazardous waste

Movement of hazardous waste requires the completion of a special ‘’consignment note’’ (a separate transfer note is not required). This note should be raised by the licensed agent, not by the official receiver, and a copy should be provided to the official receiver for placing on the office file. Further, prior warning of the movement of certain waste must be given to the Environment Agency. However, the giving of such notice should be left to the licensed agent to deal with.


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