Definition of terms



Commercial waste

is broadly waste from premises used wholly or mainly for the purposes of a trade or business or the purposes of sport, recreation or entertainment other than household or industrial waste, waste from mines and quarries, agricultural waste and waste of any description prescribed by regulations (section 75(7) EPA 90).

Controlled waste

is that waste from households, commerce or industry (section 74(4) EPA 90).

Household waste

is broadly waste from domestic properties, caravans on a caravan site, residential homes, educational establishments or premises forming part of a hospital or nursing home (section 75(5) EPA 90).

Industrial waste

is broadly waste from factory premises used for public transport purposes and premises used by public utilities (gas, water, sewage etc) (section 75(6) EPA 90).

Special waste

is defined in The Special Waste Regulations 1996, SI 1996/972.


may be defined as ‘’any substance or object .... which the producer or the person in possession of it discards or intends to discard.’’

NB Other useful definitions are included in Annex E of the code of practice.