ANNEX 3 - Premium Bordereau for Smaller Non Trading Cases

Suitable for:

  •  Non-trading cases.
  • Cases where residential premises and general contents therein require cover – such premises may be occupied or unoccupied.
  • Commercial risks where the premises are unoccupied and only the following covers are required:  

Material Damage for Buildings and/or Contents

Public/Property Owners’ Liability (may include areas of land up to 250 acres in size)

Employers’ Liability (for security guards/caretakers only)

Motor Vehicles

  • Properties which are of standard construction – i.e. brick/stone/concrete walls with a slate/tiled/steel roof.

  • Cases where the total sum insured for any assets requiring cover does not exceed £500,000 and where any area of land does not exceed 250 acres in size.

  • Those cases where the stock and/or office equipment, excluding computer equipment, sums insured are below £25,000.

  • Those cases where the plant and/or machinery, excluding office/computer equipment, sums insured are below £100,000.

  • Those cases where the computer equipment, whether stock or office equipment, sums insured do not exceed £2,500.

  • Those cases where the only motor vehicles requiring cover are either private cars or light commercial vehicles under 4 tonnes GVW.  (Please note that any goods/items of stock located in any such vehicles may not be insured under this facility).

  • Those cases where full terrorism cover is not required above the standard automatic cover limits, i.e. £100,000 for commercial risks and £2.5 million for private houses.

Exclusions :

Those cases which do not meet the above criteria, e.g. when any employees are retained and/or premises are occupied for trading purposes, etc.  (When premises are ‘occupied’ by a caretaker and/or for the purposes of security only, such premises are still deemed to be unoccupied and as such are still suitable for this scheme.)

In addition to the above, those cases where stock comprises of the following commodities must also be excluded :

  • chemicals/petrochemicals/pharmaceuticals

  •  antiques/paintings

  •  explosives/ammunition/fireworks/matches

  •  jewellery/bullion/precious stones

Special Notes to Consider

Subsidence cover has automatically been included within the buildings rates although it should be noted that if, in the event of a claim, it transpires that there is evidence of previous damage in the area and/or the insured would have been aware of a problem at the time cover was effected, such a claim will be repudiated with a refund of premium being allowed for subsidence/heave/landslip cover.

With regards to petrol stations, the minimum security requirements with regards to empty petrol tanks are as follows :

  •  all aspects of the Code of Practice for Unoccupied Premises should be implemented; 


  • the local fire officer should be contacted who will confirm the necessary steps which need to be taken to secure the tanks – this will normally involve filling the tanks with water, sand or concrete and possibly boarding the tanks up.

Covers are of course provided on all unoccupied premises subject to all aspects of the Code of Practice being complied with.