Dealing with a bankrupt’s affairs in Turkey

43.14.1 Chapter to be developed

This chapter contains basic information.  Further guidance will be issued when the Chapter is revised.


43.14.2 Dealing with a property in Turkey

Property in Turkey can be bought by non-Turkish nationals in their own name, although there are restrictions as to where the property/land is located.  It is not, for example, possible for a foreign national to purchase property in municipality areas (which do not come under the control of a town or borough) or in a military zone. Also there is a restriction in Turkish law against foreign nationals purchasing land in excess of 300,000 square metres as an individual, this can only be done via a (Turkish registered) company. Also in some instances military permission is required even where property is purchased in non-military zones.

A notary (public official) will need to be instructed regarding any sale of an interest in a property as he/she is required to witness the payment for the property and officially certify any exchange of title deeds.


43.14.3 Land registration in Turkey

Turkey has a system of land registration, which is divided into multiple parts.  The Directorate General of Land Registry and Cadastre is part of the Prime Ministry.  The Directorate has 13 central departments, 15 regional directorates, 1001 district land registry directorships, and 313 cadastral directorships under the supervision of the regional directorates.


43.14.4  Contacts, Websites & Addresses to assist in dealing with a property in Turkey

The following may assist the official receiver in locating information regarding a property interest vesting in an insolvent’s estate:

(i) Turkish consulate information re property buying and selling:

(ii) Denton, Wilde, Sapte & Guner (Law society solicitors with Turkish offices )
Address :    Buyukdere Caddesi
                 Kredi Plaza
                 B Block
                 Kat 9
                 No 23/A