Ch 60: Legal Aid and the Legal Services Commission (May 2006)

May 2006

The Legal Services Commission and the Provision of Publicly Funded Legal Help and Assistance

60.1 Introduction

The Legal Services Commission("the Commission") was established in April 2000 by the Access to Justice Act 1999. It replaces the Legal Aid Board in administering the access to legal advice, representation and assistance to those individuals who would not otherwise be able to afford those services. The Commission manages the whole legal aid budget, with the aim of promoting;

  • access to justice,

  • quality of provision, and

  • value for money.

This chapter gives an overview of the organisation and work of the Commission, and how the operation of publicly funded legal help and advice provided to an individual may affect the work of the official receiver.

This chapter is divided into 5 parts as follows :

Part 1 - Organisation of the Legal Services Commission (paragraphs 60.2 to 60.7)

Part 2 - Types of legal assistance available and how they are obtained (paragraphs 60.8 to 60.17)

Part 3 - Eligibility for legal assistance (paragraphs 60.18 to 60.23)

Part 4 - The statutory charge (paragraphs 60.24 to 60.30)

Part 5 - Effect of insolvency on legal assistance granted prior to insolvency order (paragraphs 60.31 to 60.40)

The following abbreviations are used in this chapter:

AJA 99 - Access to Justice Act 1999

CDS - Criminal Defence Service

CLS - Community Legal Service

The Commission - Legal Services Commission


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