Annex 3 Banking Act 1987 c.22 529


Exempted Persons

Schedule 2 Section 4(1)

Exempted Persons

1.The central bank of a member State other than the United Kingdom.
2.The National Savings Bank.
3.A penny savings bank.
4.A municipal bank.

5. A building society incorporated (or deemed to be incorporated) under the Building societies Act 1986 1986 c.53.

6.-(1) A friendly society within the meaning of section 7(1)(a) of the Friendly Societies Act 1974 or section 1(1)(e) of the Friendly Societies 1947 c.46 Act (Northern Ireland) 1970. 1970 c.31 (N.I.)

7. A society registered under either of the Acts mentioned in paragraph 6 above other than such a society as is there mentioned.

8.-(1) Any institution which is for the time being authorised under section3 or 4 of the Insurance Companies Act 1982 to carry on insurance 1982 c.50 business of a class specified in Schedule 1 or 2 to that Act

(2) This paragraph applies only to the acceptance of deposits in the course of carrying on the authorised insurance business.

9. A loan society whose rules are certified, deposited and enrolled in accordance with the Loan Societies Act 1840 1840 c.10

10. A credit union within the meaning of the Credit Unions Act 1979 or 1979 c.34 the Credit Unions (Northern Ireland) Order 1985 S.I. 1985/1205 (N.I. 12)

11. A body of persons certified as a school bank by the National Savings Bank or an authorised institution.

12. A local authority.

13. Any other body which by virtue of any enactment has power to issue  a precept to a local authority in England or Wales or a requisition to a local authority in Scotland.

14. The Crown Agents for Overseas Governments and Administrations
15. The European Atomic Energy Community.
16. The European Coal and Steel Community.
17. The European Economic Community.
18. The European Investment Bank.
19. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
20. The International Finance Corporation.
21. The International Monetary Fund.
22. The African Development Bank
23. The Asian Development Bank
24. The Caribbean Development Bank

25. The Inter-American Development Bank.