Date issued

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January 2012

Assets from other insolvency procedures 


February 2013

Guidelines for Official Receivers on rotas of insolvency practitioners for Secretary of State trustee/liquidator appointments 


September 2012

Disclosure of information on handover to insolvency practitioner 


September 2007

Appointment of liquidators and trustees, including guidance on handovers in Part 7  


September 2006

The investigatory duties of the official receiver when an insolvency practitioner in office 


February 2006

Alternative individual procedures


September 2003

Vacation of the office of liquidator or trustee


September 1997

Alternative individual procedures


July 1997

Insolvency Practitioner Services – responsible for Secretary of State appointments, authorisation, and licensing of insolvency practitioners 



Insolvency Practitioner Regulation Section – responsible for regulation and complaints about insolvency practitioners 



Case Help Manual – Handover to insolvency practitioners


June 2009

Case Help Manual – Appointment by the Secretary of State


October 2006


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