Limited Liability Partnerships

Limited Liability Partnerships 

Guidance   Date issued

Technical Manual – chapter on Limited                                          

Liability Partnerships – contents

January 2013
FAQs – Limited Liability Partnerships January 2013

Checking the winding-up order                                                    

December 2011

Notices to be issued immediately on the making of a winding-up order

December 2011

Non co-operation of members with the official receiver         

April 2004

Bankrupts taking part in the management of an LLP                 

November 2009

Case Help Manual – Distributions – Pre-distribution And expense matters – Company and Bankruptcy

Cases (ISCIS)

February 2011

Case Help Manual – Distributions – Company and Bankruptcy Cases (ISCIS)

February 2011


Note – where there is any conflict in the guidance given by following these links, the most recent guidance should be followed.