Dissolution after completion of winding-up

Part 4 - Dissolution after completion of winding-up

March 2010

38.44 Dissolution after liquidator released

This occurs when the registrar receives:-

1. a notice served for the purposes of s172(8) (final meeting of creditors and vacation of office by liquidator) or

2. a notice from the official receiver that the winding up of a company by the court is complete [Note 1]


38.45 Notice of dissolution after release

The notice of dissolution is raised and sent by Estate Accounts Services, Operations and Customer Support, Releases, following the official receiver’s release as liquidator (see paragraph 37.15). The registrar registers the notice on receipt and, subject to what is set out at (see paragraph 38.6), at the end of 3 months from the date of registration the company is dissolved [Note 2].


38.46 Receivers and dissolution after release

There is no legal requirement to inform an administrative receiver or a Law of Property Act receiver of the official receiver’s intention to apply for release.  However in all cases where an administrative receiver or Law of Property Act receiver is in office before applying for release the official receiver should inform the receiver of his/her intention to apply for release, and enquire whether they wish to have the dissolution of the company deferred. (see paragraph 38.49) [Note 3].

For more information on making an application to defer dissolution see part 5, in particular paragraph 38.53.


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