Ch 31.2 Motor Vehicles (January 2012)



January 2012


31.2.1 Introduction

This chapter gives advice on dealing with motor vehicles and related issues such as insurance, operators’ licences and ‘personalised’ number plates. 

Information on motor vehicles as exempt property (including guidance on establishing if a vehicle is exempt) is contained in Chapter 30, Part 6.

Of all the items of property encountered by official receivers, vehicles are perhaps the ones most likely to give rise to a liability and, in this respect, vehicles should be dealt with quickly and correctly, following the guidance in this chapter.


The chapter is divided into the following Parts:

Part 1 – Dealing with a vehicle – general (paragraphs 31.2.2 to 31.2.21)

Part 2 – Vehicles subject to third party interests (including finance) (paragraphs 31.2.22 to 31.2.39)

Part 3 – Sale of vehicles with realisable value (paragraphs 31.2.40 to 31.2.57)

Part 4 – Disposal of vehicles with no realisable value (paragraphs 31.2.58 to 31.2.71)

Part 5 – Dealing with personalised (cherished) registration numbers (paragraphs 31.2.72 to 31.2.88)


The chapter contains the following annexes:

Annex A – Letter to DVLA for vehicle history

Annex B – Example of completed DVLA form VQ615 


The following abbreviations are used in this Chapter:

DVLA – Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

SORN  - Statutory Off Road Notification


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