Co-operation before the public examination

Part 5 - Co-operation before the public examination

April 2000 

14.29 Subsequent surrender to proceedings

Where a public examination has been fixed because of non-surrender to the proceedings and the examinee subsequently surrenders and co-operates with the official receiver to an extent which makes a public examination unnecessary, the official receiver should apply to the court for a rescission of the order fixing the examination. The application should refer to the original order, briefly to the examinee’s subsequent conduct and state that in the circumstances a public examination would serve no useful purpose.

Notes: [s375(1) or r7.47(1) as amended by the Insolvency (Amendment) Rules 2010]

If the examinee surrenders only a short time before the date of the hearing, consideration should be given to holding the examination as arranged, particularly where notice has been given to creditors or other parties or the examination has been advertised and there is no time to inform these parties that the examination will not now be held.

If a public examination has been held and adjourned but subsequent co-operation by the examinee makes the adjourned examination unnecessary, the court should be asked to declare the examination concluded.


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