Case Files

Case Files

May 2012 

  1. Each office creates and maintains its own case files (paper format) that are recorded on the ISCIS database.  Electronic files are also maintained on wisdom for each bankruptcy or company liquidation case.  The case clerks initiate the files and follow agreed procedures relating to the filing of individual documents in accordance with guidance issued by ORBS.
  2. ORBS is responsible for setting the guidance on the creation and order of a case file, and it is available HERE in the Filing Code of Practice.
  3. When the case has been closed, the file is sent to an offsite storage facility until its destruction according to the official receiver case file destruction policy, see Books and Papers, Receipt, Handling, Storage and Destruction chapter, paragraph 19.


Where can I find out more?

Further information on case files can be found in the following Case Help Manual Parts:

Information can also be found in the Technical Manual:

Chapter 10, Part 9: Storage and destruction of official receiver’s files

Chapter 15: Aims and conduct of the official receiver’s investigations