Case details for WALLACE ROBINSON



Date of Birth: 4 / 1 / 1974

Date Order Starts: 13 / 11 / 2023

Disqualification Length: 7 Years 0 Month(s)

CRO Number: 12250431

Last Known Address: 30 DURHAM ROAD, , , , LONDON, SW20 0TW

Conduct: As director of Trillemarka Limited (‘Trillemarka’), trading as Y Graig, Wallace Robinson failed to ensure that the company complied with the requirements of the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2016 and the Regulated Services (Service Providers and Responsible Individuals) (Wales) Regulations 2017. In that: • On 27 May 2020 Trillemarka registered with Care Inspectorate Wales (‘CIW’) as a provider. • An inspection of Y Graig was conducted by CIW on 9 September 2020. There were 11 regulatory breaches identified at the inspection which raised serious concerns regarding the protection and welfare of children placed at Y Graig. • On 9 October 2020 the CIW issued an Improvement Notice to yourself, as Responsible Individual. This notice details a further 3 regulatory breaches, which totals to 14 regulatory breaches. Wallace Robinson was entitled to submit any supporting evidence by 5 November 2020. • The Improvement Notice stated that a “failure to demonstrate compliance with any of the actions within the required timescale may result in Care Inspectorate Wales proceeding to make a decision to cancel your registration.” • Following representations, Wallace Robinson made to the CIW, the decision was made to cancel the registration and on the 15 January 2021 a Notice of Decision to cancel the registration was issued. • As a result, on the 14 February 2021 the Notice came to effect and Y Graig as a care provider and Wallace Robinson’s registration, as the Responsible Individual, was cancelled. This affected the company’s ability to generate sufficient turnover to meet its ongoing liabilities. 

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