Case details for Eoin Patrick McGUINNESS

Name: Eoin Patrick McGUINNESS

Name: EPMG Limited

Date of Birth: 17 / 3 / 1982

Date Order Starts: 25 / 3 / 2022

Disqualification Length: 6 Years 0 Month(s)

CRO Number: 11621210

Last Known Address: Flat 12,, 2a Victorian Grove,, , , LONDON,, N16 8EZ

Conduct: On 16 October 2020 Mr Eoin Patrick McGuinness (“Mr McGuinness”) obtained a Government backed Bounce Back Loan (“BBL”) on behalf of EPMG Limited (“EPMG”) totalling £27,500 and did not use it in its entirety for the economic benefit of the business, contrary to the terms of the BBL. In that: • Prior to 16 October 2020, Mr McGuinness applied via the Metro bank on-line system, for a Government back bounce back loan totalling £27,500; • On 16 October 2020 the sum of £27,500 was paid into the Company’s bank account, being the Metro bounce back loan. Prior to receipt of the loan the account balance stood at £3,909 in credit; • on 19 October 2020 Mr McGuiness transferred the sum of £9,000 into his personal bank account; • on 20 October 2020 Mr McGuinness transferred the sum of £9,900 to his personal bank account and a further £9,900 on 21 October 2020; • the bounce back loan that was obtained to provide financial support for the Company during the covid lockdown was withdrawn in its entirety within 5 days of receiving the loan. • a review of the bank statements show that between 16 October 2020 and 25 January 2021 the Company received credits totalling £48,304.06 including the BBL of £27,500. Payments were made for business expenditure totalling £3,717.92 and the remaining £44,586.14 was for his own personal benefit. 

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