Case details for AZAR HUSSAIN ASLAM



Date of Birth: 13 / 7 / 1988

Date Order Starts: 14 / 11 / 2023

Disqualification Length: 10 Years 0 Month(s)

CRO Number: 11518130

Last Known Address: 14 Cleveland Road,, , , , BRADFORD,, BD9 4PB

Conduct: On 07 May 2020, Azar Hussain-Aslam (Mr Hussain-Aslam) caused Explore Quick Trading Ltd (EQTL) to provide false information regarding EQTLs turnover on a Bounce Back Loan (BBL) application. As a result of the application made by Mr Hussain-Aslam, EQTL received more BBL funds than entitled to, in that: Under the BBL scheme, businesses could apply for a loan of between 2,000 and 50,000 subject to a maximum of up to 25% of its turnover. The turnover figure was self-certified by the applicant. The turnover figure required was that for the calendar year 2019 or where a business was established after 1 January 2019 it is their estimated turnover. EQTL was incorporated on 15 August 2018 and Mr Hussain-Aslam was sole director of the company until his resignation on 01 November 2020. Mr Hussain-Aslam applied for a loan of 50,000, declaring EQTLs turnover for the 2019 calendar year as 200,000. As a result of the application made by Mr Hussain-Aslam, EQTL received 50,000 BBL funds into its bank account on 11 May 2020. EQTLs bank statements show the company received total income of 40,870 for the 2019 calendar year. By apply for the 50,000 BBL using false information regarding EQTLs turnover, Mr Hussain-Aslam caused EQTL to receive more BBL funds than entitled to. 

This information is correct as at 24 / 10 / 2023

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