Case details for Rachel Brock

Name: Rachel Brock


Date of Birth: 24 / 8 / 1982

Date Order Starts: 14 / 6 / 2022

Disqualification Length: 7 Years 0 Month(s)

CRO Number: 11342444

Last Known Address: 19 Whincover Mount,, , , , LEEDS,, LS12 5JX

Conduct: Rachel Brock (“Mrs Brock”) failed to ensure that Hack and Tack Limited (“Hack and Tack”) maintained adequate accounting records from 02 May 2018 to the date of liquidation, or alternatively if such records were maintained she failed to preserve and/or deliver up such records to the Liquidator. As a result it has not been possible to determine: Company turnover between 02 May 2018 and 12 March 2019 or the extent of company money paid through the director’s personal account. Sales and purchases of the company. What happened to the goods ordered from four suppliers with a total value of £34,900 which the director states were defective. These were neither paid for nor returned. Whether the company had any assets/stock in trade which have not been declared. Rachel Brock (“Mrs Brock”) caused Hack and Tack Limited (“Hack and Tack”) to order goods on credit from successive suppliers between at least 15 August 2018 and 30 January 2019, whilst failing to pay for supplies received or return those which were defective. Further, when a supplier refused further credit she supplied evidence of a payment which was later cancelled. Between 15 August 2018 and 10 September 2018 goods were ordered to the value of £31,639 from the petitioning creditor (supplier one). Between 20 September 2018 and 22 October 2018 goods were ordered from supplier two to the value of £1,296. Between 22 November 2018 and 26 November 2018 goods were ordered from supplier three to the value of £1,160. When supplier three refused to despatch a further order without evidence of payment, a screenshot was sent to the supplier showing payment had been made but once the additional goods had been despatched the payment was not completed. On 06 December 2018 a Winding Up Petition was presented at court by the petitioning creditor for £31,639. On 12 December 2018 and 30 January 2019 CCJ’s were obtained against Hack and Tack regarding suppliers two and three respectively. On 30 January 2019 goods were ordered from supplier four to the value of £805 and credit application submitted by Mrs Brock. No payments were made, and it is not known what happened to the goods delivered. No payments were made to any suppliers in relation to all orders placed by Hack and Tack and it is not known what happened to any of the goods. The director’s explanation for non-payment of goods was that they were defective and due to the suppliers’ returns policies she disposed of the goods herself but failed to obtain any evidence in support of the disposal. Returns policies provided by suppliers’ websites and correspondence provided by them contradicts the director’s explanation. Each of the four suppliers have stated that no complaints were ever received from Mrs Brock in relation to defective goods and she continued to place further orders until they refused to supply further goods due to non-payment. 

This information is correct as at 22 / 6 / 2022

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