Case details for Rafal RAMOTOWSKI



Date of Birth: 15 / 9 / 1971

Date Order Starts: 19 / 4 / 2022

Disqualification Length: 3 Years 6 Month(s)

CRO Number: 11134140

Last Known Address: Flat 26, Herrick Court,, Bollo Bridge Road,, , , LONDON,, W3 8FL

Conduct: Rafal Ramotowski (“MR RAMOTOWSKI”) failed to ensure that Rama Construction & Decorating Limited (“RAMA”) complied with its statutory obligations to file VAT returns and make timely payments for VAT to HMRC from 8 June 2018 and for PAYE/NIC from 5 April 2019. In addition he caused RAMA to trade to the detriment of HMRC in respect of VAT from 7 March 2019 and in respect of PAYE/NIC/CIS from at least 5 April 2019 to cessation of trading on 30 April 2020. As a result HMRC were owed a total of £77,793.04 to 30 April 2020. In that: VAT • The company registered for VAT on 27 March 2018 and no VAT returns were submitted to HMRC by RAMA. • In the absence of VAT returns HMRC raised auto assessments, the first three auto assessments were paid for 04/18,07/18 and 10/18. The last payment to HMRC in respect of VAT was on 17 January 2019. • The payment for quarter ending 01/19 was due 7 March 2019, however RAMA failed to make any payments made against any other quarters to HMRC. • At Liquidation HMRC had a claim for 5 quarters from 01/19 to 01/20 outstanding of £17,694.55 based on auto assessments. CIS AND PAYE/NIC: • No RTI returns were filed as they fell due and no payments of PAYE were made by RAMA to HMRC with PAYE outstanding for the year ended 5 April 2020 for which RAMA submitted an end of year update on 22 April 2020 as the amounts assessed by HMRC were £12,304 lower that the amount due. • RAMA failed to pay CIS as it fell due with liabilities outstanding from 5 December 2017, with no payments made in respect of CIS by RAMA since 4 March 2019. • As a result PAYE and CIS outstanding to 5 May 2020 totalled £56,606.49. • At Liquidation HMRC had a claim of £66,482.23, comprising of £54,644.66 for CIS and £11,837.57 for PAYE. OTHER CREDITORS • At Liquidation on 12 October 2020 HMRC had a claim of £94,146, in comparison other creditors totalled £33,217 (comprising of trade creditors of £4,387.94 and employees of £28,828.78). • Accounts were not produced for RAMA but incomplete bank statements for his personal bank account used by RAMA for the period 7 March 2019 to 30 March 2020 (the last date of the bank statements provided by him) show bank credits of £417,686 from which no payments were made to HMRC. 

This information is correct as at 30 / 3 / 2022

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