Case details for SABEDUL ISLAM



Date of Birth: 27 / 9 / 1998

Date Order Starts: 23 / 7 / 2019

Disqualification Length: 8 Years 0 Month(s)

CRO Number: 10593696

Last Known Address: Flat 47, Johnson House, Roberta Street, , London, E2 6AN

Conduct: During the period 31 January 2017 to 3 October 2018, whilst being the sole formally appointed director, Mr Sabedul Islam failed to ensure that Fantasia Trading Ltd (“Fantasia” or “the Company”) maintained and/or preserved adequate trading records, or in the alternative he failed to deliver up such records as were maintained or preserved. A consequence of this is that;

  • On 20 May 2019 the Official Receiver collected the company’s books and papers from him. These records comprised of 20 sales invoices amounting to £858,393 and 21 purchases invoices amounting to £865,432. The purchase invoices to a UK trading entity bare no relation to the payments made out of the company’s bank account to trading entities.
  • During the period 7 March 2017 to 2 December 2017 Fantasia’s bank account received and made payments of £1,138,280 but these transactions do not appear to be legitimate or in an ordinary course of business and cannot be explained by the records of the company delivered up by me to the Official Receiver. The following payments are not explained; - 27 cash payments amounting to £5,623. - 17 third party bank payments amounting to £1,132,298.
  • He registered the Company for Value Added Tax (“VAT”) on 5 July 2017 using his name and home address as the company’s trading address. On 20 November 2017 the Company filed a VAT return stating that the company made sales of £956,725 and made purchases of £956,573 resulting in £30.33 being stated as due to HM Revenue And Customs (“HMRC”). This return was disallowed as a result of a lack of trading records being delivered up to HMRC in that; - He received correspondence from HMRC at my home address but he failed to cooperate with its officers or provide access to the Company’s trading records. As a result of him not cooperating with HMRC it filed an assessment of £474,947 together with a penalty of £332,462 on 17 September 2018. - HMRC petitioned for the winding up of the company and submitted a claim to the Official Receiver amounting to £807,409 dated 20 November 2018. The company is insolvent and unable to repay this. 

    This information is correct as at 2 / 7 / 2019

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