Case details for ABRAR MALVANKAR



Date of Birth: 3 / 1 / 1986

Date Order Starts: 16 / 12 / 2022

Disqualification Length: 3 Years 6 Month(s)

CRO Number: 10486603

Last Known Address: 79 Abbotsford Avenue, , , , BIRMINGHAM, B43 6HE

Conduct: Between 1 August 2017 and the date of liquidation on 23 March 2020, Abrar Malvankar ("Mr Malvankar") failed to ensure that D'Lush Starcity Limited ("D'Lush") complied with its statutory duties to file returns and make payments to HM Revenue and Customs ("HMRC") in respect of VAT as and when they fell due. As a result, Mr Malvanka caused D'Lush to trade to the detriment of HMRC in respect of VAT with VAT liabilities of 134,928.24, including penalties and interest, remaining overdue and outstanding as at the date of Liquidation on 23 March 2020. In that: VAT D'Lush was incorporated on 18 November 2016. D'Lush registered for VAT on 3 February 2017 with a registration date of 01 January 2017. According to information provided to the Liquidator by Mr Malvankar, D'Lush ceased to trade on 31 March 2018. D'Lush has not filed any accounts at Companies House for any period. D'Lush failed to file any VAT returns for the periods 08/17 to 08/19 inclusive (with a nil return filed for the period 11/19) and assessments were therefore raised by HMRC. HMRC notified D'Lush that, following an examination of D'Lush's records, as at a calculation date of 13 September 2019, HMRC was raising additional VAT assessments in the sum of 91,505.68 (VAT of 87,472 and interest of 4,033.68) for the periods 08/17 to 08/18. No payments have been made in respect of any of these periods. HMRC subsequently notified D'Lush that the VAT liability, as at 02 January 2020, was 135,644.79 (VAT: 95,817.00; Surcharges: 8,821.99; Penalties: 26,240; and Interest: 4,765.80). HMRC has submitted a claim in the liquidation in the total sum of 136,328.24 of which 134,928.24 is in respect VAT. Comparative Treatment HMRC is the largest creditor in the liquidation. According to the Statement of Affairs, signed by Mr Malvankar on 09 March 2020, HMRC's liability was 109,404. However, HMRC's VAT claim in the liquidation is 134,928.24. According to the Statement of Affairs, Trade and Expense creditors were only 180 (although no claims were lodged by any Trade and Expense creditors in the Liquidation). The Liquidator states that they have received two claims totalling 141,328.24 (HMRC for 136,328.24 of which 134,928.24 is in respect of VAT, and Mr Malvankar for 5,000). D'Lush operated 5 bank accounts. During the period 02 February 2017 (first transaction) and 30 April 2018, payments of 443,022.89 were received into and payments of 443,012.17 were paid out of the main account. During the same period (02 February 2017 and 30 April 2018), there were deposits (including cash) of 131,800.68 and payments into the main account from an Online Payment Terminal Provider of 246,670.82. Only 4,459.02 was paid to HMRC in respect of its VAT liabilities during D'Lush's whole period trade. 

This information is correct as at 28 / 11 / 2022

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