Case details for Gavin Pitt

Name: Gavin Pitt

Name: Coma pny 1027006

Date of Birth: 11 / 1 / 1977

Date Order Starts: 12 / 6 / 2019

Disqualification Length: 5 years Years  Month(s)

CRO Number: 10270006

Last Known Address: 21 Conrad Close, , , , Rugby, CV22 5RX

Conduct: Breach of Fiduciary Duty/Transactions made to the director’s personal benefit at a time when the company was insolvent The company had outstanding monies due to its main supplier, with invoices dating back 6 months. The supplier’s solicitor sent a letter on 22 December 2017, by both e-mail and letter, requesting payment of monies due. Mr Pitt has confirmed receipt of the letter on 5 January 2018. Transactions totalling £20,000 were subsequently made to Mr Pitt’s successor company (Redtwenty3 Limited), which were not made in the course of the company’s trading. Mr Pitt’s explanation was that the monies were due to him in respect of a director’s loan account. The transactions were made at a time when it can be shown that Mr Pitt had been made aware of the outstanding liability and they were made to his benefit at the detriment of the company’s creditors. Targeting Mr Pitt was sole director throughout. He is also the sole director of Redtwenty3 Limited, now Formula Racing Group Limited, to whom the payments were made to. 

This information is correct as at 22 / 5 / 2019

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