Date of Birth: 24 / 12 / 1989

Date Order Starts: 24 / 1 / 2023

Disqualification Length: 11 Years 0 Month(s)

CRO Number: 09357906

Last Known Address: 1 Trevera Court,, Eleanor Road,, , , WALTHAM CROSS,, EN8 7XJ

Conduct: On 19 May 2020 Mr Sabrin-Gabriel Sufana (“Mr Sufana”) provided misleading information to make a Bounce back loan (“BBL”) application by making an unsupported claim of estimated annual turnover of £250,000. Based on financial accounts for year ending December 2019, showing a turnover figure of £50,093, the company would have been due a BBL of at most £12,523. Mr Sufana personally benefitted by £22,000 of the £50,000 BBL which did not provide economic benefit to Sabrino, in breach of the terms and conditions of the BBL conditions. Under the Bounce Back Loan scheme businesses could apply for a loan of between £2,000 and £50,000 subject to a maximum of up to 25% of turnover. The turnover figure was self-certified by the applicant. The turnover figure required was that for the calendar year 2019 or where a business was established after 1 January 2019 it is their estimated turnover. Sabrino was incorporated on 17 December 2014 Financial accounts for year ending 31 December 2019 show turnover of £50,093 which would qualify the company for a BBL loan of at most, £12,523. On 19 May 2020 Mr Sufana applied for a bounce back loan of £50,000 on behalf of Sabrino declaring that the future turnover for the next 12 month period was estimated to be £250,000. Sabrino received the BBL funds of £50,000 on 21 May 2020. On 21 May 2020 payments totalling £22,000 were made for the benefit of Mr Sufana and not for the economic benefit of Sabrino. At liquidation Sabrino had declared liabilities of £51,087 of which £50,000 is in respect of the BBL. 

This information is correct as at 3 / 1 / 2023

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