Case details for Zarqa MIAN

Name: Zarqa MIAN


Date of Birth: 17 / 3 / 1968

Date Order Starts: 18 / 1 / 2023

Disqualification Length: 2 Years 6 Month(s)

CRO Number: 09341313

Last Known Address: 12 Sainfoin Road,, , , , LONDON,, SW17 8EP

Conduct: Zarqa Mian (Mrs Mian) failed to ensure that the Company complied with its statutory duties to file returns and make payments to HM Revenue and Customs ("HMRC") when due and caused or allowed the Company to trade to the detriment of HMRC from at least 7 June 2015 in respect of VAT until cessation of trade in February 2020. As a result, VAT liabilities estimated in the sum of at least 7,304 remained overdue and outstanding as at cessation of trade. The true level of VAT which remained overdue and outstanding as at cessation of trade in unclear. In that: VAT The Company was registered for VAT from 4 December 2014. The Company failed to file VAT returns in respect of periods 04/15 to 01/19 and 10/19 to 04/20. Assessments were raised in respect each of these periods including additional Officer Assessment in the sum of 8,238 raised in June 2016 in respect of periods 04/15, 10/15 and 01/16. The assessments raised in respect of VAT periods 04/15 to period 01/19 were paid in full The only VAT returns filed at any time were in respect of VAT periods 04/19 (VAT due in the sum of 2,114) and 07/19 (VAT due in the sum of 7,304.57). These periods were paid in full. The assessments raised in respect of periods 10/19 onwards remained outstanding on liquidation. She has declared the sum of 45,000 was owed to HMRC on liquidation in the Company's sworn Statement of Affairs. The true amount of VAT which remained overdue and outstanding on liquidation in unclear. Comparative treatment HMRC is understood to be the majority creditor in the liquidation. Trade creditors are understood to be owed 3,000 and the Bank 35,000 in respect of an outstanding Bounce back Loan. The available bank statements record that from 1 October 2017 to liquidation on 30 April 2021, the Company's current accounts received credits totalling 564,827.68 and expended 579,377.43 of which payments of 38,157.48 were made to HMRC from the account. HMRC's records confirm that payments totalling 32,663.37 were allocated to the VAT account. The Company's current accounts records that she received net payments from the Company, or payments for her benefit referenced "ICIMS Solutions" understood to represent payments to her personal bank account, totalling 406,000 over the same period. 

This information is correct as at 5 / 1 / 2023

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