Case details for Desmond Pheby

Name: Desmond Pheby


Date of Birth: 2 / 5 / 1969

Date Order Starts: 31 / 7 / 2019

Disqualification Length: 7 Years 0 Month(s)

CRO Number: 08357683

Last Known Address: The FarmHouse, Kinnerton Road, , , Dodleston, CH4 9LP

Conduct: Mr Desmond Joseph Pheby ('Mr Pheby') failed to ensure that TPF Ltd ('TPF') maintained adequate accounting records from his re-appointment as a director on 23 May 2016 to its liquidation on 04 September 2017, or in the alternative, if such records were maintained, he has failed to preserve and/or deliver them up. As a consequence of the lack of records it is not possible to:

  • Account for tangible assets of 10,285 and current assets of 203,433 shown in the accounts to 31 May 2016 and verify that these have been realised for TPF's benefit;
  • Determine whether any balances were due from trading with associated companies;
  • Ascertain whether income of 772,607 from 17 August 2016 was all the monies due to TPF, and confirm that all debtors have been disclosed in the liquidation;
  • Account for expenditure of 799,199 from the bank account from 17 August 2016 and confirm that all expenditure was for the benefit of the Company;
  • Ascertain the source of income and destination of payments shown on the bank statements after the date that he has stated that TPF ceased trading (September 2016), and verify that these were not transactions of TPF;
  • Verify that all creditors have been disclosed in the liquidation and confirm the amounts due to such creditors;
  • Ascertain if assessments raised by HMRC are an accurate reflection of the tax due;
  • Determine when TPF ceased trading;
  • Verify his explanation for the Company's failure;
  • Explain the deterioration in TPF's financial position from net liabilities of 13,084 as at 31 May 2016 to a deficiency of 164,956 at the date of the liquidation. 

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