Date of Birth: 5 / 1 / 1968

Date Order Starts: 25 / 12 / 2018

Disqualification Length: 9 Years 0 Month(s)

CRO Number: 08045048

Last Known Address: Grange Farmhouse, Hengrave, , , BURY ST. EDMUNDS, IP28 6LX

Conduct: Factoring Fraud Between 24 March 2017 and 03 May 2017, Adrian Kurt Seymour Venni (“Mr Venni”) (hereinafter referred to as Adrian Venni) caused Anthill Plant Hire Limited (hereinafter referred to as Anthill) to submit false invoice information and false cheque lodgements to an invoice factoring company, contrary to the terms of the invoice finance agreement dated 04 June 2015 in that:

  • The invoice information that was submitted related to at least 5 false invoices to the sum of £524,540.00 which had not been issued to customers for which goods or services were not provided;
  • The false cheque lodgements submitted to the invoice finance company related to at least 7 false cheque lodged on their system to the sum of £778,538.00 received from customers in payment of their invoice but not paid to the invoice finance company;
  • As a result of the invoices and cheque lodgements received by him, the invoice finance company remitted funds to Anthill that it would not otherwise have done so, so that, after right to set off, at the date of administration the invoice factoring company had suffered a loss of £845,826.00. Disposal of Assets on Finance On 2 December 2016, he caused Anthill to sell two vehicles on finance, resulting in a loss to both the purchaser and finance company, in that:
  • On 07 January 2015 Anthill purchased 6 Liebherr excavators on finance;.
  • On 02 December 2016 Anthill sold two of the excavators to an unrelated third party for £90,000 plus VAT;
  • On 02 December 2016, £90,000 was paid into Anthill’s bank account;
  • No payment was made to the finance company in settlement of their account;
  • Recovery of the assets by the finance company has been actioned meaning that the purchaser has suffered a loss of at least £108,000;. The finance company have not been able to recover the full value of the excavators but the loss has not yet been quantified. 

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