Case details for Manjari Vargivane

Name: Manjari Vargivane

Name: Wellness 2020 Limited

Date of Birth: 20 / 5 / 1972

Date Order Starts: 12 / 8 / 2019

Disqualification Length: 4 Years 0 Month(s)

CRO Number: 07761331

Last Known Address: 75 Courtenay Avenue, , , , Harrow, HA3 6LJ

Conduct: 1) Between 5 October 2012 to 22 May 2015, Ms Manjari Vargivane took no action to control Wellness 2020 Ltd (“Wellness” or “the company”) and did not properly acquaint herself with the affairs and business of the company. This willing inaction facilitated an individual who was not formally appointed as a director to control Wellness and allowed the company to trade with a lack of commercial probity or allowed it to do so with a lack of suitable governance as it engaged in objectionable and improper sales techniques and business practices in relation to the sale of healthcare supplements and a lack of corporate transparency, in that: 1. The overseas based call centre engaged by Wellness provided misleading information to the public with regards to the goods it sold. A. The calls made by the call centre were misleading and lacked transparency as the call centre staff failed to make clear who they were, on whose benefit they are calling or the commercial purpose of the call in breach of statutory regulations. B. Call centre staff presented themselves as health care managers who operate locally while some centre staff presented themselves as having knowledge of medical conditions c. The call centre staff did not follow a script; d. The callers applied inappropriate, high pressure and/or manipulative sales techniques with 48 of the 77 respondents to the Insolvency Services’ enquires either (i) confirming they felt pressured into agreeing a purchase or (ii) providing details of techniques which are considered to be inappropriate, high pressure and/or manipulative such as: i. Obtaining bank details on the basis of a small payment would be taken (typically £15 for a box containing 30 tablets) before being passed to a “manager” who encouraged the customer to buy in bulk with the average payment processed by the company in the period 26 November 2013 to 19 May 2015 being £181.09 ii. Persisting with calls when a customer has clearly said “no”. Iii. Long calls that lasted up to 60 minutes in order to build up a rapport that appealed to vulnerabililites of typically elderly customers iv. Offering the goods at a “discount” even though there is no set price list for the products. V. Suggesting that the customer needed to take the health supplements for their health e. Wellness has processed unsuitable orders including: i. Orders calculated on the basis the customer would take a dose in excess of the amount recommended on the packaging. Ii. Orders large enough to cover a period of several months/years during which the time the product would expire. F. Credit/debit card details provided by customers in relation to authorised transactions have been used to take payment for amended and/or further orders without the customer’s authority. G. Continuing to contact and process orders to customers who had cancelled and confirmed they wanted no further suppliers h. Failing to make refunds once agreed. 2. Wellness traded in a manner that lacked transparency in that: a. From 5 October 2012 to 21 May 2014 her co director directed and managed the company without registering his name as the director, she allowed herself to be used to front the business for him. B. Her co director managed the business of Wellness under the name of an alias. 

This information is correct as at 9 / 8 / 2019

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