Case details for Irtaza Razaq

Name: Irtaza Razaq


Date of Birth: 24 / 10 / 1978

Date Order Starts: 23 / 5 / 2019

Disqualification Length: 8 Years 0 Month(s)

CRO Number: 07625770

Last Known Address: M Razaq & Sons Dairies,, Jhelum,, Punjab Province, , , 49600

Conduct: 1.) Between 9 May 2011 and 30 January 2017, Mr Irtaza Razaq (“Mr Razaq”) failed to ensure that John Adamson Limited (“JAL”) maintained or preserved adequate accounting records or in the alternative, he failed to deliver up such records as were maintained or preserved. As a result of this it has not been possible to establish:- a) Who had control of the affairs of JAL throughout the period of his appointment as sole director; b) The full nature of JAL’s trading activities during the period of his appointment as sole director and whether these were connected with genuine trading purpose; c) The veracity of abbreviated annual accounts filed at companies house in respect of years ended 31 May 2012, 31 May 2013 and 31 May 2014; d) The income and expenditure of JAL and in particular the disposal of £401,697 including at least £11,000 cash, paid from the company bank account between 19 September 2011 and 13 August 2015 and whether these related to genuine company expenses; e) The circumstances of EU trades found by HMRC to have been conducted by JAL and in respect of which JAL failed to declare or account for VAT, assessed by HMRC to be £12,961; f) The accuracy of HMRC assessments issued totalling £102,339 or the actual amount of VAT due in VAT periods ended 31 August 2014, 30 November 2014 and 8 March 2016, in respect of which JAL failed to submit any VAT returns; g) The assets and liabilities of JAL at liquidation; h) The cause of insolvency of JAL. 

This information is correct as at 21 / 6 / 2019

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