Case details for ALAN DODD



Date of Birth: 2 / 1 / 1966

Date Order Starts: 8 / 5 / 2019

Disqualification Length: 3 Years 6 Month(s)

CRO Number: 06354994

Last Known Address: 61 Windmill Street, , , , ROCHESTER, ME2 3XH

Conduct: Mr Alan Dodd ('Mr Dodd') failed to ensure that DCS Trading Ltd ('DCS') dealt properly with its tax affairs and as a consequence caused it to trade to the detriment of HM Revenue & Customs ('HMRC') from at least 07 November 2013 when VAT for September 2013 became due, to its dissolution on 09 May 2017. As a consequence HMRC have submitted a claim in the liquidation for 62,342. In that:

  • Returns were submitted to September 2016 and HMRC raised assessments thereafter to the liquidation date;
  • VAT was not paid on time from at least March 2013;
  • To DCS' dissolution in May 2017, VAT of 38,730 remained unpaid, dating from the quarter ended September 2013, which should have been settled by 07 November 2013;
  • Accounts show trade and other creditors reduced from 10,648 in September 2013 to nil at the liquidation date;
  • The amount due to HMRC increased from 23,449 in 2013 to 62,342 at the liquidation date;
  • The accounts show an overdrawn director's loan account of 18,413 in September 2014, together with a loan to a connected party in the same sum;
  • Bank statements show expenditure of 281,931 from 01 October 2014, of which 2,467 was paid to HMRC. 

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