Date of Birth: 6 / 9 / 1969

Date Order Starts: 12 / 4 / 2019

Disqualification Length: 3 Years 6 Month(s)

CRO Number: 06006957

Last Known Address: Garden House,, Waterside Drive,, , , WALTON-ON-THAMES,, KT12 2JP

Conduct: Ms Tamsin Elizabeth Blakeney ('Ms Blakeney') failed to ensure that Piglets Playcentre Ltd ('PPL') dealt properly with its tax affairs and as a consequence caused it to trade to the detriment of HM Revenue & Customs ('HMRC') from at least 07 December 2012 when VAT for the quarter to October 2012 became due, to its cessation in November 2016. As a consequence HMRC is owed VAT of 137,019. In that:

  • VAT returns were not submitted for the period October 2012 to April 2016; on 08 September 2016 a return covering the whole of this period was submitted, showing that 147,369 was due;
  • Payments which had been made between July 2014 and August 2015, totalling 30,500, were credited to this return period, leaving a balance of 116,869 which remained unpaid at the liquidation date;
  • A further 20,150 fell due according to returns submitted to January 2017, giving total VAT due of 137,019, plus surcharges;
  • The last payment made in respect of VAT was on 17 August 2015, for 5,000, although payments continued to be made from the bank account until April 2017;
  • Accounts show that the amount due to HMRC for VAT increased from 54,637 as at 30 November 2013 to 101,815 by 30 November 2015. Over the same period trade creditors decreased from 6,813 to 4,242;
  • Bank statements disclose payments of 293,897 from 01 December 2015 to liquidation, of which 24,333 was paid to HMRC for PPL's liabilities, although none of this was for VAT due.
  • At liquidation HMRC are owed 140,300, whilst trade creditors are owed 1,126. 

    This information is correct as at 22 / 3 / 2019

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