Case details for Scott Lee BOOKER

Name: Scott Lee BOOKER


Date of Birth: 30 / 1 / 1976

Date Order Starts: 5 / 7 / 2022

Disqualification Length: 7 Years 0 Month(s)

CRO Number: 02748749

Last Known Address: 67 Lavender Way,, , , , SHEFFIELD,, S5 6DY

Conduct: On 4 May 2020 Scott Lee Booker (“Mr Booker”) caused DTS Communications Ltd (“DTS”) to apply for a Bounce Back Loan (BBL) of £36,000 which was in breach of BBL terms by using overstated turnover figures in the BBL loan application form. Consequently, DTS received more monies than it was entitled to from the BBL scheme. From the loan proceeds received, he used £25,295 of those monies for his own personal benefit and which was not for the economic benefit of DTS. In that: • On 4 May 2020 DTS obtained a BBL of £36,000 despite its turnover for the year to 30 June 2019 totalling only £54,114. • BBL application show that he stated that the company’s turnover was £152,000. • He stated that DTS’s turnover for the calendar year 2019 was £102,590 but no evidence of this was provided. A business could apply for a loan of between £2,000 and £50,000 subject to a maximum of up to 25% of turnover in calendar year 2019 • The terms of the BBL stated that its intended purpose was to provide economic benefit to the business and not for personal purposes. Having received the BBL of £36,000 on 14 May 2020, and on the same day he paid a relative £16,696 and also paid £8,599 for his personal benefit between 14 May 2020 and 16 June 2020 . • DTS ceased trading on 26 April 2021 and on 19 May 2021 it entered into creditors’ voluntary liquidation with assets of £1,950 and liabilities of £50,997 including £37,878 which is owed to in respect of the BBL and he stated as being owed £1,204. 

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